Financial Solutions by Experts

At Tim Legois CPA, our experienced financial experts provide a wide range of CPA solutions that are tailored to you and your business needs.

Tim Legois CPA


Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, handling accounting can be tough and risky. Our dedicated team of accounting professionals makes sure you receive customized, responsive, and intelligent services based on your specific requirements.

Tax Preparation

We are proficient and knowledgeable in taking care of your tax preparation. We provide comprehensive tax services that maximize credits. From tax return preparation to complex tax planning, we cover it all.

Our Expertise


At Tim Legois CPA, our experts help you manage your financial actions to increase the value of the company. We guide with capital budgeting and structure as well.


If you are a business owner and seeking suggestions for financial transactions, loans, or similar tasks, we are your perfect destination. With our expertise and knowledge, we help your business grow financially. We take care of your accounting burden while you focus on your business goals.


When you choose us as your accounting expert, we take care of your banking, brokering, insurance, and other tasks.

Estate and Trusts

At Tim Legois CPA, we are also comprised of professionals who have experience in real estate. Our experts help you ensure that estate and trust are in compliance with tax and accounting rules.

Tim Legois CPA